Building Better Kiwis through Basketball

Basketball is one of New Zealand's fastest growing sports, and is New Zealand's number one sport by participation.  The Basketball Development Trust has had a large role in this growth, with its programmes having reached over 120,000 young people since its inception in 2005.


What We Do

The Basketball Development Trust (BDT) is a charitable trust which has the vision of ‘Building better Kiwis through Basketball’.  The BDT runs various youth basketball programmes in the community.  As well as encouraging participation in basketball and lifting the overall level of play, the programmes are used as a vehicle to deliver important social messages about what it takes to be a 'champion’, on and off the court.



In all of the Basketball Development Trust's programmes, there is a focus on the four key values of the Trust:

1. Active lifestyle

2. Nutrition

3. The importance of goal setting

4. Making good choices

These are the "Four Pillars" required to be a champion.  All of our coaches are trained in these values and will lead discussions about what we need to do to live by these values - there is a focus on non-violence and the importance of being a team player.


Partnership with the New Zealand Breakers

The Basketball Development Trust partners with the New Zealand Breakers to deliver our community programmes. The New Zealand Breakers share the values of the Trust and the team’s involvement provides the brand and role models that ensure ‘buy in’ from the young people attending the programmes. In addition, the players act as ‘real world’ examples of people who have succeeded as a result of a commitment to the Trust's values.


Our Programmes

The Basketball Development Trust runs a range of programmes in partnership with the New Zealand Breakers, all of which aim to increase participation in basketball, lift the standard of play in New Zealand and promote the values of the Trust.

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Community Coaching

The Community Coaching programme involves trained basketball coaches providing free basketball coaching in  schools.  Key basketball skills are taught through a range of fun drills and short games.  Kids will come away with improved basketball knowledge and ability as well as an understanding of what it takes to be a champion, on and off the court.

Breaker Ball

At a Breaker Ball session, New Zealand Breakers players host around 250 students at a local gym for a festival-style basketball experience.  Kids will watch an exhibition game, participate in drills and games, and have the chance to meet and interact with the New Zealand Breakers players.  Attending schools / groups receive basketball resources to take with them back to school.

Breaker Experience

Breaker Experience involves around 80 primary and intermediate school children attending the New Zealand Breakers training facility where they have the opportunity to watch a New Zealand Breakers practice session, tour the training facility, receive a short coaching session and meet New Zealand Breakers players.  Children learn the values required to become a New Zealand Breaker and be successful in sport.


Coach Assist

The Coach Assist programme is a coach education programme which aims to up-skill parents and teachers coaching in schools and local basketball clubs.  Sessions cater for around 30 coaches and are led by an experienced basketball coach.  Each session covers the basics of basketball, how to coach these basics (specific drills), how to deal with large groups and tips for different ages, and the importance of positive role modelling.  Each coach that attends receives a coaching resource pack for use with their team.

School Assist

The School Assist programme is a resource based programme, providing schools with a basketball resource pack which includes everything required to deliver a basketball programme at the school.  Each pack includes a full class set of basketballs, bags, teaching manuals (which include term by term plans and individual lesson plans), workbooks for the children involved in the programme, and poster packs.  Manuals and workbooks include both basketball skill development and values content.

Tailored Programmes

The Trust can also develop tailored programmes to suit the needs of a particular group.  The Trust's current focus is to provide a 'wraparound' approach whereby each student receives the benefit of all 5 of the individual programmes offered.  This will provide a meaningful introduction to basketball as a sport, together with the support and resources to encourage continued involvement in basketball, either socially or more formally through school or club competition.




Please pass on our thanks to all the players and staff for coming out to Otara Rec, all the schools that attended had an absolute blast. There are not a lot of positive role models in a number of these kids’ lives and having the opportunity to get a photo, slap a high five and be able to talk to athletes that they only get to see on TV is hugely inspiring for them, thanks again, we would love to have you guys back!

Lincoln Jefferson, Otara Recreation


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Clubs and Associations

We want to work with basketball clubs and associations to complement existing programmes and resources.  Let us know if you would like to discuss how we can work together.


School and community  groups

Let us know if your school or community group would benefit from our programmes and we can work together to try and meet those needs.



If you would like to support our work in the community, we welcome donations and discussions about funding for new or existing programmes.